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Styling & Photo production

production, styling, casting en location scout

Karin van der Knoop is an Amsterdam based stylist with over 25 years of exprience in production and styling of fashion-, lifestyle and lookbook shoots for brands and magazins

Style guide

personal style advice, workshops and courses

Throughout the years I have styled over a thousand women. I can truly say that every woman is unique and beautifull. Just embrace your age, size and be confident. Remember, a smile is the most beautiful accessory and easy to put on :-)

Press service, Pr & branding

If you are a brand


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Press-room for brands and press.

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E-commerce shoots

Packshots, flatshots, 3D mannequin, lookbook, pr-shots

About me

Karin van der Knoop is an AMFI graduated, Amsterdam based creative consultant. With more than 25 years of exprience in creating fashion- and lifestyle content for brands and magazines. Specialized in production, styling and branding.

For assignments, collaborations or advice, don't hessitate to contact me on karin@kaproduceert.nl